Unturned 3.0 server

Untruned сървър - Washington Map / PVP / 24 slot - PEI Map / PVP / 24 slot


/p - shows you all avalable commands for your player rank
/tpa [player name] - sends teleport request to certain player
/tpa accept - accepts request from player made an request and teleports him to you
/tpa deny - deny the teleport request
/balance - show how much cash you have
/buy [item id] - buy an item from server shop
/sell [item id] - sell and item to server shop
Shop prices and item IDs here!


/kit starter - gives you Cobra + 2 cobra magazines, Camp Axe and Yellow Daypack
/kit strike - gives you Maplestrike + military drum
/kit hawk - gives you Hawkhound + 2 mags
/kit scope- gives you 7x scope, 8x scope and 12x scope
/kit colt - gives you Colt pistol + 2 mags
/kit bag - gives you Yellow Travelpack
/kit mre - gives you MRE
/kit drum - gives you Military Drum
/kit exp - gives you 1000exp and 100$ note [ONLY VIP] [5min cooldown]
/kit timber - gives you Timberwolf + 4 magazines + 16x Scope + Bipod Grip [ONLY VIP] [5min cooldown]


[EN] Our VIP players can spawn cars, use /warp command to travel fast between towns and have more kits to play with.

[BG] Нашите VIP играчи могат да spawn-ват автомобили, да използват warp командата, чрез която бързо да се местят близо до градовете, както и имат достъп до китове които улесняват играта срещу другите играчи максимално.

Administration / Администрация

[EN] Administrators of the server have rights to teleport, spawn everything, kick players, use superpowers like god and vanish.

[BG] Като всеки администратор в един Unturned сървър, имате право на телепортация, spawn-ване на всичко възможно в играта, кикване на играчи, суперсили като godmode и vanish.